"A home is not just a box that that shelters us from the harsh environment, but a structure that creates excitement, allows us to experience, and protects our physical and emotional being."

First sketches of Antipolo Beehouse, 2012

First sketches of Antipolo Beehouse, 2012

Vitty grew up in the mountains of Antipolo where toys were not bought but rather made, and playgrounds consisted of forested hills, the Tungtong River and endless playmates in birds, reptiles, insects and an elusive wild boar (but this is another story). As a young boy, he exhibited a passion to create and invent using whatever materials were available to him. His passion to create brought him to Australia where he pursued a degree and career in mechanical engineering. 

Vitty began his career in the mining industry and progressed to a Project Director and Service Group Manager at a relatively young age. He specialized in project management in design of mineral processing plants for precious metals. Both skilled at detail mechanical design and project management of projects ranging form $150M to $2.5B across Australia and Asia, Vitty was recognised in the industry and had a promising career.

Despite all he had achieved and the bright future in front of him, Vitty's passion to create and be creative was never lost. Driven by this passion, he decided to leave the corporate world behind and start a new career as an artisan builder.

Armed with his creativity, love of nature and technical skills, Vitty is not afraid to challenge the norm and build structures that are unique and beautiful. His purpose is to create homes that enhance the humanity and souls of those who see, visit and live in them.

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