10 DECEMBER 2017 BodyFOOD All-Natural Open House at The Burrow

Shop and feast on the array of scents, soaps, candles, and indulge your senses on 10 DECEMBER 2017 with Antipolo Master Maker Ana Gutierrez-Niguidula the maker of BodyFOOD All Natural (and we like to joke - the Green Witch of the East).

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Words by Try Local PH

Bodyfood is a small business made locally with many of its raw materials sourced from different parts of the country if not homemade and processed in its humble laboratory. 

It is Bodyfood all-natural's desire to be a champion of fair trade with priority to small scale non-commercial local communities and businesses in the country. 

Its regard for the healthiest options for food grade, pure, premium and less processed raw materials available hopes to encourage and set the standards of a different level of quality, safety and integrity for similar product manufacturers and raw material suppliers. 

It has also begun to spread its advocacy for better healthier options, quality, safety and integrity of materials and ingredients, and encourages more individuals to create and produce their own through its workshops and classes. 

Come along to the O P E N H O U S E by @bodyfoodallnatural this 10 December here at The Burrow. 

SERVING Coffee from @ephemeratraders

RSVP with @bodyfoodallnatural to gain access to this event.