Antipolo Beehouse is a nature space located within a secluded section of Beverly Hills Subdivision in Antipolo City, Philippines. It was built originally to showcase the work of the builder, Vitty Gutierrez, a professional engineer with a passion for building. 

The Beehouse

Built in 2014, the main Beehouse features an open plan with large glass windows, all of which were designed to allow each person who visits to appreciate the natural surrounds. 

The venue’s upper level now serves to cultivate the creative spirit through home-made annual events like the Artis Artisan Bazaar, its open layout also makes it the ideal place to book for intimate gatherings or large workshops, or even a studio for photoshoots. 

The lower level is currently the residence of the builder and his family.

The Burrow

Built in 2017, the Burrow is a hidden haven located adjacent to the Beehouse, 76 steps down from the gate with a separate entrance that goes underground. Below is a lush space with large panel windows showcasing the surrounding forest.

The Burrow’s kitchen opens upon reservation.

If you are interested in hosting a private event here, the Burrow is a versatile space and can accommodate gatherings of up to 50 people. We can help connect you with our preferred chefs or off-site catering partner who can provide all of the trimmings from dinnerware to flower arrangements.

Shop at the Burrow

We have small shop. Our small shop carries a small range of good and loving products we source from Antipolo makers and on behalf of the environment. These are premium homemade bath and body home staples by Body Food All Natural, beautiful paper goods by watercolor artist Emma Gutierrez, stainless steel homeware and food containers to promote the zero waste home we strive to become, and a local living community we are striving to sustain. 

We are not a honeybee farm. Many naturally wonder why we call ourselves Antipolo Beehouse --- Our name pays homage to bee hives that were on the property long before we built, a tribute to the bees that came and said hello to us by swarming our fixtures at sunset (the first week we finished and came to live in the house). Lastly, we are a family of mostly ladies - ‘queen bees’ we are jokingly called. 

Also, given the name, our community, and our humble advocacies - we now carry raw honey that Body Food All Natural sourced and quality checked directly from local bee farms.

Welcome to Antipolo Beehouse. We welcome visits by appointment.


Photo courtesy of Real Living Magazine Philippines, October 2015 Issue | Photographer Dairy Darilag.